Measured Surveys

Measured Survey 2

Measured surveys are primarily used to determine a land mass or structural elements’ position in all 3 dimensions. These can include window heights, drainage levels, tree tops, roof verges or simply the general dimensions of a given area.

Be it for as-built record purposes or design amendments, South East Site Engineers survey everything from new road layouts and land topographies to structural columns, openings and building positions. As we tailor these services for architects, contractors and developers alike, South East Site Engineers produce results in-house with the specific client in mind.

We are focused on providing an accurate and reliable service package service to a client base that has become accustomed to getting exactly what they need exactly when they need it. For more information on how we could help you too, call us now on 0207 278 0778 or Email: where a member of our team will be happy to assist.