As the site engineers our flexible role included communications with the district surveyor, designers and subcontract managers, on top of the engineering and setting out for the entire project.


Brought in to help save a project that was fast going wrong, SESE were contracted by Tolent to take over the site engineering as of the second pour of pad foundations at Bannatyne Fitness Centre, Chingford. Fortunately the team we joined all shared the common goal of wanting to turn this project around while we still could; hence were all able to achieve the task of correcting and completing this project on time and on budget.


As the site engineers SESE worked closely with numerous different subcontractors from the brick layers and steel erectors to the swimming pool and sauna installers, all of whom acknowledged how much easier their tasks were with SESE’s direct hands on style of management and communication.

As a bespoke project this contained many unique features and procedures which were a joy to be a part of, fulfilling SESE’s company mission of always wanting more to learn.

  • Project Value: £35,000
  • Location: London
  • Contract Length: 32 weeks
  • Client: Tolent
  • Sector: Engineering

(Total: 34 weeks)