SESE were contracted to T5 by Strongforce on a management only engineering contract. Here we managed the works of a number of different teams relocating over 7,000 beam, slab and distribution post tensioned tendons.

SESE were called because many of the projects tendons had not been grouted during the initial construction process; Strongforce under their parent company Laing O’Rourke needed a small team of dedicated engineers to help them resolve this.

SESE as part of this team were given the task of managing the relocation of the tendons and each team of drillers records of results from the ensuing drill tests. SESE were also the primary point of contact for the Clerk of Works, with whom we’d assure that these remedial works were being done properly.


SESE were also responsible for profiles, drawings and tables giving locations for the tendons requiring remedial grouting as the vacuum grouting process used needed assurances from SESE and others that the condition of every tendon to be grouted had been accurately and precisely recorded. SESE were commended for the series of QA systems we helped introduce, which ensured a more consistent recording of the conditions of the 30,000 tendon locations found.