Built on a brownfield site this 25% affordable housing project was designed to rejuvenate a particularly run down part of Tower Hamlets, and now provides 252 units of both private and affordable housing.

Featuring numerous curves, angles and a unique atrium feature, Block E proved to be an Bow_Image1.jpg excellent challenge as the block given to SESE to engineer from its foundations up to the 3rd floor.

SESE’s responsibilities included all aspects of setting out, managing trainees and assistant engineers, giving measures for concrete pours, and many other general engineering responsibilities.


Working alongside another engineering contractor, each team had their own block to build but again SESE’s “one team” mentality meant we were able to interchange between blocks whenever either company could use the help.

Both Steel and RC frames are routine setting out projects for SESE with our having a level of competence to advise our clients on both proposed and existing structural features.

Again the services contracted were able to differ slightly from the services provided due to SESE’s key policy to remain flexible and always put our clients needs first.

  • Project Value: £27,000
  • Location: London
  • Contract Length: 25 weeks
  • Client : Coinfords
  • Sector: Engineering

(Total : 25 weeks)