SESEs Walthamstow Reservoirs contract was under the direction of Barhale. Contracted for management only SESE helped supervise the removal of Zebra Mussels from some of Thames Waters main London water supply tunnels. In some places these mussels had reduced the water capacity by over 50%.

With over 20 miles of 2.4m diameter pipe discharging raw water into the reservoirs SESE were carrying out tunnel inspections as far up the pipe run as Roehampton Park and Kingston in Surrey; our input into what was a very successful team project was highly praised by our client on its completion.

SESE’s flexibility meant that we were able to willingly and effectively undertake a series of minor projects for Barhale during our main contract of mussel removal.

Some of the other projects done included managing another engineering contractor in the setting out of a new power supply to the automatic butterfly valves controlling the volume of water in each reservoir.



  • Project Value: £15,000
  • Location: London
  • Contract Length: 3 months
  • Client: Barhole
  • Sector: Management