South East Site Engineers Environmental Policy

South East Site Engineers Ltd (SESE) is an engineering company that specialise in site engineering and site management for central London construction projects.

At SESE we have recognised the negative impact we are having on the environment through our activities as a construction company, and are consciously addressing this on a daily basis by reviewing and continuously improving on our activities.

As instructors in the built environment, our main environmental impacts are in how we manage waste both in the office and on site, how we travel from site to site, and how we make purchases from our suppliers.

As our services are based and supplied in central London we have many feasible options available to us when it comes to choosing our modes of transport and have addressed this by making bicycles our preferred mode of transport followed by public transport. These modes will always be considered first before other transport means are considered based on our team safety being paramount.

SESE believe if 80% of our team use pushbikes 80% of the time, this will not only dramatically reduce our carbon footprint on our local Central London projects but will also give us one of the lowest carbon footprints in our field, hence have made this the primary environmental objective to be achieved by our August 2018 biannual review.

Through a commitment to the Environmental Protection (duty of care) Regulations 1991 our longer term objectives are to:

  • Minimise waste and prevent pollution.
  • Maximise use of low environmental impact sustainable travel.
  • Comply with both CDM Regulations 2015 and ISO14001 legislation.
  • Ensure that our staff and clients remain aware of our environmental policy.
  • Support innovation and the use of sustainable resources.

To ensuring staff are aware of this policy we encourage them not just to read it but to partake in its formation and review; as it is up to them to make this work.

To make existing and potential clients, suppliers and other interested parties aware of this policy we have a copy of it prominently placed in every office we operate and on our website.

To ensure we are acting promptly both on the feedback we receive and on innovative ideas generally this document will be reviewed biannually by the director.