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How do our Setting Out Services work

Here at SESE we offer a range of site setting out services from installing Primary Survey Controls to Setting Out brickwork. All work is carried out by an experienced setting out surveyor or setting out engineer; and we use only the latest Robotic Leica and Trimble Total Stations with high specification, ensuring accurate and efficient work. All our team have access to and are proficient in AutoCAD, again ensuring accurate and efficient work. This summer our site engineers have been busy on a wide range of projects from setting-out extensions on small domestic projects to setting-out gridlines on the 30th floor of large multi-million-pound projects. We have been working closely with a range of civil engineering contractors on several large hi-rise projects on West India Dock Road, Mount Anvil Site and Nine Elms Lane. Due to the prefabricated nature of a lot of building sites a very high degree of accuracy is required during construction so our setting out is required to be extremely precise. This year alone we have come close to setting out 100 floors on these projects all accurately set out and with our experts on hand to solve any dimensional issues promptly to allow construction to continue. Our engineers have also been streamlining our processes often setting out many floors in one day. Another project we have provided setting out services for is a 5-story development in Wheatstone which includes 20 luxury flats and 2 penthouses. SESE have been assisting on this build since the beginning of the job when we provided the initial Topographical Survey and installed the Primary Survey Controls. As the building has progressed, we have provided other setting out services including setting out for gridlines, setting out for brickwork and setting out for the SFS and window openings. We recently handed over the top floor to the construction team providing a full compliment of gridlines and the perimeter wall face including openings. Height datums have also been provided as the building has progressed. Excellent levels of accuracy have been achieved by SESE throughout the project allowing the client to be confident of the position of each element of the building, rather than relying too much on each of the individual sub-contractors. Running alongside these larger projects we have also completed many single day projects for smaller developers which would include setting out gridlines, setting out foundations or setting out corners of blockwork. Alongside any other requirements such as retaining walls, drainage and site boundaries. Our projects can be positioned using GPS coordinates or offset distances from nearby structures. Contracting SESE to provide the setting out guarantees the setting out of the building is positioned with millimetre accuracy. Our engineers are always happy to go above and beyond the requirements and will communicate clearly with your site teams to help ensure there is no confusion. We can also provide as-set-out drawings of the work completed if required.
Alongside our busy setting out team we also offer many other services including measured building surveys, topographical surveys, as-built surveys and GPR surveys. We also specialise in the structural movement monitoring of buildings, providing a no fuss service with results you can rely on.